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How to use the application

How to get Apple ID

Accounts and passwords are always changing, please don't save the account

How to get Apple ID: See here

How to activate the application

Once you download the app crashes you can follow these steps to activate the app

How to activate the application: See here


Widgetly comes packed with customization options. You can create photo widgets, solid background widgets, time display, and step count widgets. You can also create tens of thousands of custom app icons for your home screen customization needs. Free version of the app includes ability to create two widgets of your choice.

Starting with this version of the app you can create your own custom icons for the apps. Giving you unlimited possibilities of theming your iOS 14 Home Screen. Use these icons in combination with the Shortcuts app to give your iPhone and iPad a unique look. In addition to that, the app now integrates with HealthKit to bring the new step counting widget, and resting heart rate widget for you to configure and display on your Home Screen. These new widgets require you to grant Widgetly the ability to read your HealthKit data. Specifically, Step Count data and Resting Heart Rate Data. Widgetly reads this data periodically on your device and displays your step count on your new home screen widget. We have also added a brand new Dribbble widget that lets you display the latest inspirations from Dribbble right on your Home Screen.

How to use the app?
- Select a widget template you would like to customize
- Configure the widget with custom and unique settings, including font colors, background color, and icon
- Give it a cool name
- On the Home Screen add Widgetly widget in the size you prefer
- Long press on the widget you just added click edit "Edit Widget" and select your custom widget to display

We can't wait to see what you create. Surprise your friends with your new home screen.