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How to use the application

How to get Apple ID

Accounts and passwords are always changing, please don't save the account

How to get Apple ID: See here

How to activate the application

Once you download the app crashes you can follow these steps to activate the app

How to activate the application: See here


Must have app for anyone who uses Safari daily!
AdBurn use native Safari content blocker technlogy that prevent Safari to download the ads. For this reason you will have a faster navigation and less data consumed!

FEATURES that our customers LOVE:

AdBurn have more than 20.000 built-in rules that block ads and many others annoyances. You can also choose which category to block!

-Block ads, popup, cookie tracker and many other bad things.
-Blacklist custom sites you don't like and trust.
-Whitelist custom sites you want to support.

Remember that we don't make any deals with advertisers and for this reason we want to block all the ads.

We DON'T need your name, email, phone number. AdBurn works without the need of your personal informations!